Object Types

The following object types are currently registered:

Name Identifier Specification Description
Activity activity JSON Activity Streams 1.0 An object representation of an activity.
Alert alert Activity Schema Any kind of significant notification.
Application application Activity Schema A software application
Article article Activity Schema An article, such as a news article, knowledge base entry or similar construct
Audio audio Activity Schema An item of audio content
Badge badge Activity Schema A badge or award given to an entity
Binary binary Activity Schema Objects of this type are used to carry arbirary Base64-encoded binary data within an Activity Stream object. It is primarily intended to attach binary data to other types of objects through the use of the "attachments" property.
Bookmark bookmark Activity Schema A pointer to a URL
Collection collection Activity Schema A generic collection of objects of any type.
Comment comment Activity Schema A textual response to another object
Device device Activity Schema A device of any type
Event event Activity Schema An event that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time
File file Activity Schema A document or other file with no additional machine-readable semantics
Game game Activity Schema A game or competition of any kind
Group group Activity Schema A social networking group
Image image Activity Schema A graphical image
Issue issue Activity Schema Represents a report about a problem or situation that needs to be resolved. For instance, the issue object can be used to represent reports detailing software defects, or reports of acceptable use violations, and so forth.
Job job Activity Schema A job or job posting.
Link link Activity Schema A link to another resource
Note note Activity Schema A short-form text message
Offer offer Activity Schema An offer of any kind
Organization organization Activity Schema An organization of any kind
Page page Activity Schema Represents an area, typically a web page, that is representative of, and generally managed by a particular entity. Such areas are usually dedicated to displaying descriptive information about the entity and showcasing recent content such as articles, photographs and videos. Most social networking applications, for example, provide individual users with their own dedicated "profile" pages. Several allow similar types of pages to be created for commercial entities, organizations or events. While the specific details of how pages are implemented, their characteristics and use may vary, the one unifying property is that they are typically "owned" by a single entity that is represented by the content provided by the page itself.
Person person Activity Schema A user account
Place place Activity Schema A location on Earth.
Process process Activity Schema Represents any form of process. For instance, a long-running task that is started and expected to continue operating for a period of time.
Product product Activity Schema A commercial good or service
Question question Activity Schema A question or poll
Review review Activity Schema A primarily prosed-based commentary on another object
Service service Activity Schema Something that provides a service to others
Task task Activity Schema An activity that has yet to be completed.
Video video Activity Schema An item of video content