The specifications produced by the Activity Streams community are made available under the terms of the OpenWeb Foundation 1.0 Agreement. The signed agreements are available in the source repository for each specification.

Signing the CLA and OWFa

Any individual or company that intends to contribute to any of the Activity Streams specifications is encouraged to sign and submit an OWF Contributor License Agreement. This indicates the signer’s voluntary support for the development and publication of the specification.

Once a final specification is ready to be published, contributors and supporters of the specification will be asked to sign an OWFa to formalize their copyright licenses and patent promises to the entire specification.

To submit a CLA or OWFa for an Activity Streams specification, download the appropriate form, sign, and scan as a PDF. Then send a pull request for the appropriate git repository, or alternatively send it to the Activity Streams mailing list.

See Also: Open Web Foundation CLA 1.0 & OWFa 1.0 FAQ